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Aglow Midwifery is a practice dedicated to supporting you as you move through your childbearing year. As certified professional midwives, we provide care for low risk, healthy birthing families interested in giving birth outside of a hospital setting.  We are able to order any needed lab work, refer you for ultrasounds/sonograms, and prescribe medication as needed.  We believe that providing you with two experienced certified professional midwives for your birth doubles the support, guidance, and reassurance in our birth space.


Visits are scheduled approximately every month until the last trimester, then every two weeks until the last month when visits are every week until birth.  The majority of prenatal visits are done in our home office in Middletown, Maryland.  We are available to visit you for appointments in your home at your 36 week home visit as well as for the first 3 weeks postpartum. We are also available via phone, email, and text for any questions that arise between appointments.


During prenatal visits, we will monitor the growth of your baby and changes in your body that occur through pregnancy. We also will have plenty of time to talk about these changes and answer questions or concerns that arise.


We encourage you to take childbirth classes of your choice and to seek wellness care in the form of excellent nutrition and physical activity. You can also supplement your basic wellness in a variety of ways that work for you, including chiropractic care, massage, and yoga.


During labor, our role is to provide a supportive presence, to give feedback on labor’s progress, to keep a watchful eye on both birthing parent and baby’s well-being, and to provide care for any unexpected events that may require intervention. After birth we provide immediate care to both you and your new baby and assist you with beginning to breastfeed or chestfeed.


Our services are reimbursable by insurance companies as an out-of-network provider. Learn more about insurance and cost.

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