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Money and midwifery fees are not often talked about out in the open. We want to be as transparent as possible with the cost of our services so that families could make important assessments on how their personal budgets would interact with midwifery costs, and not cause them to have to contact us or come in for a consult before knowing what we charge. We do however realize that cost is one of the greatest barriers to midwifery care and it needs to be adequately recognized and discussed in more ways that just the total fee.

The hardest part for many families affording midwifery care is the comparison to what insurance covers in the hospital for them. It's hard to swallow paying several thousand dollars, often without much time to prepare, and perhaps not fully understanding what you are getting out of it (yet). Midwifery care is hands down the best value when you look at time and care per dollar. Currently, our global fee for homebirth (including over 10 months of service) is $6500. The average uncomplicated, natural birth in a hospital starts at eleven thousand dollars, and that's just the birth event!

Our midwives provide personalized, holistic care throughout the pregnancy, labor and birth, and postpartum period in the comfort of your own home. Our goal is to empower you with information and support to make the best decisions for you and your family, and support your birth in the space in which you feel most comfortable. You can expect the highest from our midwives, including:

- 1 hour-long prenatal visits in your home/my home office for routine midwifery care

- On-call availability from 37 weeks to attend your birth

- a birth tub, if hydrotherapy is desired

- Labor and birth care and support

- Newborn care and comprehensive postpartum care (birth until six weeks postpartum)

- My professional care as a certified professional midwife as well as a qualified second attendant (either another midwife, nurse, or qualified birth assistant)

- Does not include laboratory fees, or sonograms (insurance typically pays directly)

- Does not include home birth supplies (about $60 depending on the items available in your home)

Your investment in this comprehensive and holistic perinatal care is a flat fee of $6,500.


I work with Quilted Health (previously SLB Billing), an insurance billing service experienced in seeking and gaining reimbursement for homebirth clients. Please go to their website for additional information and to submit your insurance information.


I ask that clients pay the intake fee of $25 ($37.50 if you have a primary and secondary insurance).

This fee includes contacting the insurance company and obtaining network benefits; requesting pre-authorization for services, if applicable; requesting an in-network gap or waiver, if applicable and making a second level appeal on denial of services.

Any reimbursement from your insurance will be paid to you directly or signed over by me to you.

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